We are not in the tool business, we are in the community building business. Tools are just the bridge to building a better community. If you would like to get involved with donating equipment, time, money, or any other resources please let us know.

We make. We Share. We give. We learn. We play. We inspire. We support. We change. We participate. We collaborate.

Here are some of the things the PA Makerspace wants to offer, but not limited to: 


Welding, CNC, 3D printing, Electronics, Prototyping, Stained Glass, Wood working, Sewing, Robotics, Lego builds, Metal casting, Laser engraving, Sculpture, Pottery, Screen printing, Jewelry Design, Leather work, Music production, and Video production -- all of these for the beginner, the intermediate, and the expert maker.

Future classes ranging from Laser cutters, Welding 101, Welding for Women, Woodwork 101, General intro to Power tools, Robotics for kids, Advanced robotics, Electronics, Music Creation, Video Creation, Leather Craft, Pottery, Lathe 101, Sewing, and much more.